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CaMSP September 2015 Newsletter

CaMSP Evaluation News

pw croppedPublic Works CaMSP Literature Reviews:

As a follow-up to the two policy briefs included in the last newsletter, Public Works mailed copies of two accompanying STEM-focused literature reviews to all CaMSP project directors. We hope this information is useful to you and your project team. Please let us know if you would like additional print copies of either the literature reviews or the policy briefs for others in your partnership.

Evaluation News for September:

Site Visits and Project Check-in Meetings: Public Works is in the process of scheduling initial site visits to Cohort 12 in September and October and scheduling follow up local evaluation check-in meetings with Cohort 10 & 11. Cohort 12 site visit scheduling is being coordinated through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For Cohort 11 & 12, your lead local evaluation contact will be in touch regarding scheduling.

It’s YTD and APR time! For CaMSP, in addition to the start of the school year and getting participating teachers the support they need, September and October is the time to block to make sure that all reporting requirements to both the CDE STEM office (Year-to-Dates) and the federal Annual Performance Report (APR) are completed. To provide guidance regarding these reports, Public Works has prepared two recorded Webinars, one designed for Cohort 10 projects with handouts and the other one designed for Cohort 11 & 12 projects with handouts.

Teacher Content Assessment: Teacher content assessment administration window for Cohorts 10, 11 and 12 is now closing. Please return any outstanding science test materials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of ERC immediately. Paul Seow of ERC has been in contact regarding the status of the LMT. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be verifying that all participants in CaMSP have completed an assessment (Post for Cohort 10 and the Pre-assessment for Cohorts 11 & 12).

Public Works Attendance Database: Please update your attendance and notify This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of any drops or changes in participants. Cohort 11 & 12 must update attendance through August 31st for the first YTD due to CDE September 30th.

Reminder that the Cohort 10 Request for Treatment and Control teacher student roster lists is due to Albert Chen September 4th. Please be in contact regarding the status of that request if it has not been submitted already.

The Escondido STEM Initiative

The Escondido STEM Initiative involves teachers collaborating across disciplines, including ELA, to create units that resonate with students. The role of invasive species in ecosystems is one example. Superintendents and district personnel were greatly impressed after interviewing students, many who are ELs, with the high level of understanding the students had of the subject and the level of articulation they used to convey their understanding.

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Kings COE


Nerf darts flew across Lemoore’s Burris Park as teachers experimented with different designs for their rocket launchers on the fourth day of the Kings COE summer institute. The teachers were using both the math and science and engineering practices to ask questions, design experiments, and gather and analyze data. The project includes 61 teachers from grades 3rd to 8th and focuses on math, science, and technology.

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Call for MSP Submissions to California Science Teachers Association’s (CSTA) California Classroom Science

CSTA’s monthly electronic newsletter, California Classroom Science, has a distribution of approximately 8,000 and features a range of articles including pedagogy, science lessons and legislative and policy updates related to science education, science resources and NGSS news. (You can see this month’s CCS at

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Math Matters: How the Common Core Will Help the United States Bring Up Its Grade on Mathematics

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 "The Common Core math standards represent the culmination of decades of research into how students learn and are an extension of 30 years of standards and curriculum development by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, or NCTM. Ultimately, learning math this way helps students progress through advanced math while in school and better prepares them for a wide range of careers, particularly those in high-growth STEM fields."

Center for American Progress

Misconceptions About the "Doing" of Science

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This concise article highlights common teacher practices that were considered "doing science." However, they have nothing to do with the science itself. The article explains how teaching needs to be changed so that students can experience the real "doing" of science.