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CaMSP November 2015 Newsletter

CaMSP Evaluation News

pw croppedEvaluation News for November:

Annual Performance Report (APR): Now that APR’s have been submitted, your CDE monitor will be in contact after their review if changes or clarifications are requested. These reviews are beginning the first week of November.

Cohort 10 Local Evaluation Reports and Student Outcome Information for APR: Public Works has emailed each Cohort 10 project director with a draft evaluation report to be uploaded to the APR system. Please respond to Public Works by Friday, November 13th with your approval and/or request for changes. We are working with CDE’s data group to collect 2015 CST & SBAC data, which is anticipated in November. Student outcome results will be calculated for the APR Section VIIIB GPRA and as a baseline study for your project, which will be added to the evaluation report in November before final submission to USDE.

Teacher Content Assessment: The Teacher Content Assessment administration window for Cohorts 10, 11 & 12 began November 1st and is running through January 31st. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by November 15th with the dates you have scheduled so that all science materials and the LMT can be ready for your participants. Public Works has contracted with ERC to support the administration and once you have provided a date to Albert, you will work with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding the delivery of the Science Assessment and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with instructions for the LMT.

Partner Survey: Thank you for providing updated contact information for the partners in your project. These partners will receive a survey directly from Public Works through Survey Monkey to be completed throughout November and the first two weeks of December. This survey is coordinated by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so please contact her with any questions.

Collecting Valuable Project Data: National's Teacher Observation Tool

Finding tools and processes that measure teacher growth outside of self-reflection is a challenge many CaMSP projects face. National School District’s Science and Engineering Partnership-Solving Problems through Engineering in the Physical Sciences (POWER) has developed such a tool for science instruction. The Power Observation Tool is designed to capture learning strategies, NGSS dimensions, EL strategies, and strategies designed to encourage female participation and interest in science and engineering. Results from the observations are also used to guide future professional development for the project.


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LinkEngineering Educator Exchange

The LinkEngineering website is an online community of educators interested in providing meaningful engineering experiences to PreK-12 students of all abilities.

LinkEngineering is a community of educators working with PreK-12 students in classrooms or other settings. This includes – but is not limited to – teachers, teacher educators, and administrators. The site allows members to connect with each other and engineering education experts.

LinkEngineering is a resource website that provides examples of engineering in educational settings. It also provides background information on engineering and engineering design.

California Districts Moving to New "Integrated" High School Math Pathway

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This fall 9th-grade students in virtually all California high schools are taking math classes aligned with the Common Core standards. But for many of them there is an additional twist: they are embarking on a sequence of courses that represents a significant departure from how high school math has traditionally been taught in California and the nation.


New NGSS Resources Available

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CSTA announces that four new videos highlighing the Next Generation Science Standards are now available online. Achieve and the Teaching Channel collaborated with an elementary school teacher and high school teacher from Boone County, KY to caputre snapshots of what NGSS early implementation looks like in classrooms.

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This is Facebook's Solution for Fixing Tech's Diversity Problem

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Look at any of the major tech firms' diversity reports and you'll see that there are proportionally fewer women, blacks and Hispanics in the tech world — particularly when it comes to engineering positions.

That's the problem, and it's one we know well. But what could be the solution?

Facebook has its own theory, which it's trying to prove with the launch of Tech Prep, a Web site devoted to providing resources about computer science and computer engineering to underserved communities. The site is meant to act as a jumping-off point for anyone interested in learning about the basics — or even some more intermediate lessons — about coding. In many ways, it's similar to a slew of initiatives we've seen from Google, Apple and others to get more young people interested in programming jobs.

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Equal is not Equitable: Exposure is Everything

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Often I find myself in a pickle when the topic of student equity is brought up. There is a mindset that if you give every child the same thing, you have addressed the issue of equity. The biggest problem with this philosophy is that does not take into account the actual starting point for each student.