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CaMSP May 2017 Newsletter

Santa Rosa City School's Make the Way: Teacher Interviews

Make the Way, a K-8 math project from Santa Rosa City Schools, conducted teacher interviews during their second to last professional development Saturday. Brent Jackson, project director, said the project was interested in capturing some of the teachers’ thoughts about what they had learned during their project and asked teachers to respond to the following two prompts in front of a video camera.

santa rosa

What do you understand differently about how students learn?
Describe your experience in Make the Way.

Brent selected 11 of the interviews and, using iMovie, created a short video including pictures of teachers and project activities. Teachers’ responses included, “A lot of it has been about me thinking differently about my instruction,” “I feel like I realized a lot more potential in student learning than I did before,” “My students think at a deeper level than I have given them credit for.”

Make the Way teachers viewed the video at the end of their final day of professional development and further reflected on the prompts and what they were willing to commit to regarding math instruction the following year. In addition, the teachers wrote a letter to themselves, which the project will mail to them next year.

When asked what he learned from the experience, Brent replied, “I was surprised how reflective the teachers were as they spoke about the idea of providing rich, cognitively demanding tasks and letting students have a go at it and not expecting all students to be successful at competing the task correctly in the beginning. Teachers explained the importance of students experiencing productive struggle and that they need to provide a space for that.”

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Please click on the link below to see the video of the teacher interviews.