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CaMSP May 2017 Newsletter

San Rafael's iTEAMS Presentation of Project Accomplishments

At the final intensive day in Spring 2017, San Rafael’s iTEAMS teacher groups presented their work to other participating teachers, school administrators and principals, and iTEAMS partners. The interactive event included an address from the Marin County Office of Education Superintendent, Mary Jane Burke, a walk-through exploration of design challenges and lessons developed by participating teachers, and an opportunity to deepen the discussion of how to continue to improve STEM learning in all students attending the surrounding schools.

san rafael

The project director, Molly Todd, shared a presentation with photos from teachers implementing challenges in their classrooms and quotes from teachers talking about their increased confidence in teaching project-based learning aligned to CCSS-M and NGSS; integrating math, science and engineering practices; and reflective teaching by collaborating with colleagues. In addition, a video highlighting some of the many design challenges and inquiry science/math lessons implemented into classrooms and students from each grade level discussing the process and teamwork involved in each of these lessons.
Participating teachers developed presentations highlighting a component of what they implemented throughout the three-years of the project, how it was used, and their successes. For example, some of the projects highlighted the use of interactive science notebooks, cross-curricular modeling, math talks, and an English Language Development Science program. These presentations were shared as part of the final intensive day.
Molly shared with the group, “It was an amazing afternoon of sharing between teachers, administrators and community members!”