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CaMSP May 2017 Newsletter

Cohort 13 Valley Center-Pauma: Teacher Created Science Lessons

After just one year of funding Valley Center- Pauma’s HEAL project teachers have produced approximately 40 NGSS aligned lessons! After receiving training in 5E model lesson design the teachers worked in mostly grade level groups 3-4 hours per month to collaboratively create lessons that would take a few days to a week to teach.

valley center pauma

Maria Cordero, project director, said the process begins with selecting a disciplinary core idea and choosing what scientific and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts that would apply to the concept. Backwards planning is then used to complete each component of the lesson model. “The training the teachers received showed how the lesson should be written, how to engage students, and have them take ownership of the learning through the lesson,” Maria stated. The teachers then teach the lessons they created and meet again to reflect on the lesson discussing what went well and what could be improved. The teachers also have the option of having Maria video the lesson, which is also used in the reflection process. The teachers went through this process three times in their first year. Olivia Leschick, Administrator in Charge of Special Projects, exclaimed, “The teachers worked incredibly hard this year! I am very proud of how they have really embraced this and really wish we could continue for two more years.”

Lessons are shared with other project teachers on a shared Google folder with plans to put them on Haiku in the future. This future site will also include a scope and sequence for each grade level as well as videos of the lessons. In addition, almost every student in the district has access to an iPad, and part of the project’s training included technology. As a result, many of the lessons developed have a strong technology component. Below are links to a few science lesson examples.

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