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CaMSP May 2017 Newsletter

Solano and Yolo Share Fairs

Both Solano and Yolo County Offices of Education will be holding Share Fairs this summer to allow their teachers the opportunity to present tools and lessons used in their classrooms. Christina Morace, Solano PRISM’s project director, explained that they wanted to leverage the knowledge and skills their teachers had gained from their project and disseminate this information to local teachers. Yolo has a similar program and both projects have worked together in the past.

solano coe              yolo coe

According to Christina, “One of the things teachers brought up is that they would like to be able to share the really cool things they do in their classrooms because no one really sees them except for students and their parents.” She added that attending the STEM Symposium gave her the idea of doing something similar for their project. The advantage is having many teachers give mini workshops or present at roundtables. Teachers can pick and choose what types of technologies and lessons they might be interested in without having to invest in a whole day training on one area. They can get a taste of many different types of instructional practices and technologies.

Teachers from both projects will present at each Share Fair, which are open to K – 12 teachers. They are also including teachers who may not be part of their projects to diversify the Fairs’ offerings. Although their projects focused on coding and robotics they would like include anything that is STEAM.

“We are only doing a half day as we wanted to start small and do this well. We knew we couldn’t pull of something that was big and fancy at this point and wanted to keep it as inexpensive as possible,” Christina explained. They may want to grow this in the future, but her advice to projects who might want to try this is to start on a smaller scale.

Solano’s Share Fair will be held June 10th at their County Office of Education and they expect around 100 attendees for this free event. Please view their flyer for more information. Yolo is currently scheduling a date for their fair in August. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..