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CaMSP December 2016 Newsletter

Observation Tool - Kings County Math, Science and Technology Project

The Implementation Rubric for Coaches is used by Kings County’s Math, Science and Technology project to measure teacher growth. The rubric is used to score teachers on four traits: Student Discourse, Instructional Strategies, Practices, and Cross-Curricular Technology.


Each trait is scored on an eight-point scale from none (1) to fully (8). The team developed the rubric by adding a technology component and overlapping math and science practices to a rubric used in a prior CaMSP project.

Data from the rubric is collected throughout the year to provide a picture of teacher growth in the four traits. The 8-point scale was chosen because it is more sensitive to teachers’ progress. “It is very important to have coaches calibrate before using this instrument,” advises Project Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. With a wider scale it is important that everyone understand the wording of the rubric. She adds, “The tool is not designed for walk-throughs, but should be used to gather evidence over time.” Coaches find the tool useful in providing feedback and focusing their support on the areas teachers find challenging.