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CaMSP December 2016 Newsletter

Student Interviews & Math Tasks - Lamont Southern Kern Math Partnership

Student interviews have provided Lamont’s South Kern Mathematics Partnership a better understanding of students’ perspectives of the project’s effects on math teaching and learning. Students are first asked to reflect on the math instruction they are receiving currently and in the prior year.


Next, students are asked to recall how they are learning math including journals, warm-ups, and hands-on activities. The last question inquires into teacher usage of specific strategies such as working through difficult problems, using different tools, and seeing patterns. The initial questions were developed for student focus groups in their initial plan by Educational Resource Consultants and subsequently revised by their team and Public Works.

Students who participate in the interviews were also asked to solve a grade specific math task and if they could solve it more than one way. The online tasks were chosen because they exemplified inquiry based learning. Two content experts scored the tasks using the Smarter Balanced Mathematics 4-point general rubric, from 0 “student has demonstrated merely an acquaintance with the topic, or provided an incorrect response” to 4 “student has demonstrated a full and complete understanding of the mathematical content and practices essential to the tasks.”

Previously, the interview and task were administered together in May and took approximately an hour to complete. The plan for the current year is to administer the tasks separately as they found than an hour was a bit too long for younger students. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Project Director, explained that May is a busy time of year and advises to schedule interviews and tasks early and to be flexible with teachers. Joelle adds, “I feel these interviews and tasks are very worthwhile, and it is encouraging to hear students say that they like math and think it is fun!”

The interview questions, tasks, and rubric can be found here.