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CaMSP December 2016 Newsletter

Student Survey & District NGSS Implementation Plan - Alameda County Science Partnership for Instructional Innovation (SPFII)

Alameda County’s SPFII project addressed the need for new tools to measure shifts in NGSS teaching and the Engineering practices embedded within the NGSS by creating the Baseline Science Instructional Practices Survey (SIPS).

Alameda CaMSP

The survey was constructed after identifying key areas of science instruction based on a review of literature defining instructional practices important to this process. These include: Empirical Investigation, Evaluation and Explanation, Science Discourse and Communication, Engaging Prior Knowledge, and Traditional Instruction. The project has recently published an article describing the development of SIPS in the Journal of Science Teacher Education and was titled: Measuring Science Instructional Practice: A Survey Tool for the Age of NGSS and was authored by Kathryn N. Hayes, Christine S. Lee, Rachelle DiStefano, Dawn O’Conner, and Jeffery C. Seitz.

The project has developed another instrument, the District NGSS Implementation Planning Tool, designed to support district leaders. To better assist districts in different stages of the process, the tool is divided into three phases: awareness, transition, and implementation. The tool was piloted and refined by the project and is designed to be used in concert with the District Action Plan. Further information of the tool can be found on their Research Brief.