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CaMSP December 2016 Newsletter

Lesson Rubric - Tuolumne County STEM-TRACKS

tuolumne STEM tracks2The use of inquiry-based instruction and curriculum is essential in addressing the NGSS. Tuolumne County’s STEM-TRACKS project uses the 5E instructional model and is using a tool developed by the American Museum of Natural History. The 5E Analysis Guide includes a section to evaluate each E (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate).

Each section lists multiple statements describing attributes of the particular E. For example, an ENGAGE statement is, “The activity asks students to consider or generate questions or to identify engineering problems that directly align with the major concept of the unit.” The tool has a yes/no column followed by an area to list evidence and ideas for improvement. STEM-TRACKS teachers used the tool to review their own lessons as well as to review lessons of their grade level peers. The feedback given by peers, the project director, and Public Works, is used to revise and refine the lessons before they are posted online.