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CaMSP December 2016 Newsletter

Lesson Planning Template - Butte County iSTEM

Butte County’s iSTEM project uses three lesson study tools that provide teachers and coaches with support and feedback. The Lesson Planning Template is organized around the 5E model and integrates NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, Cross Cutting Concepts, Math Practices, and English Language Arts Capacities.


Teachers use this template in their lesson study planning time along with the Lesson Planning Rubric which the lesson study faciliators use to evaluate each team’s document. In addition, the iSTEM Facilitation Form is filled out online by the facilitators during the planning, teaching, revising and reteaching of the lesson. The form contains the same categories as the Lesson Study Rubric with additional sections for notes from each stage of the process, teacher interviews, and assessment of student writing. A portion of the resulting lessons will be shared in spring 2017 on My Digital Chalkboard.

“A big lesson we learned using these tools is to start with the teachers early in the process, especially understanding 5E lesson design and details of the content standards for each STEM component,” adds Project Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She also advised that it is important to not only teach content but to also to address how teachers will teach, introduce, and evaluate lessons. The teachers are becoming more comfortable with the tools and, Gretchen notes, their feedback has been very positive about their use in the project.