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CaMSP December 2016 Newsletter

Lesson Study Observation Rubric - Paso Robles Teacher Leadership Capacity Collaborative (TLC)

Lesson study is an important component of many CaMSP projects. Teachers participating in Paso Robles’ TLC Collaborative project use a Lesson Study Observation Protocol during both the planning and teaching portions of their lesson study. They conduct peer observations using a four-point scale to evaluate each lesson in seven areas with a focus on students.

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Rating are based on the degree of evidence that was observed, with 4 being the highest rating. Results are used to determine improvement of individual lessons, as well as identify stronger and weaker areas across lessons. Teachers also find the protocol very useful in the planning stages by looking at what evidence the lesson may generate to satisfy the seven areas: lesson focus, student engagement, data, claims and evidence, discourse discussion, closure conclusion, English language development, and assessment.

The protocol was developed in year one by the project’s leadership team. “Teachers find the protocol very easy to use”, says This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Project Director. “I like how it includes ELD and assessment, two important pieces, and mirrors our grading policy on how students meet standards.” She also explains that the focus on evidence and the inclusion of assessment highlights the importance of gathering information on student learning such as using a "ticket out the door." The data is used by the district to measure lesson success and helps direct areas for future professional development.