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CaMSP December 2016 Newsletter

Student Surveys - Escondido STEM Initiative

Escondido’s STEM Initiative chose two valid and reliable instruments to assess interest in STEM content areas and STEM careers. The surveys were developed by the University of Texas Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World ITEST project. Their published paper, Instruments for Assessing Interest in STEM Content and Careers details their research and findings. “Both surveys have special properties that make them attractive for longitudinal studies across single groups and/or provide a snapshot analyses across multiple groups.”

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The STEM Semantic Survey and Career Interest Questionnaire asks students to rate each of five STEM domains (Science, Math, Engineering, Technology and STEM Career) on five semantic differential scales (fascinating/ordinary, appealing/unappealing, exciting/unexciting, means nothing/means a lot, boring/interesting) on a 7 pt. scale. Surveys were given together in fall 2014 and spring 2016 and results were compared.