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CaMSP March 2015 Newsletter

CaMSP Evaluation News

pw croppedPublic Works of Pasadena has been selected by CDE as the state evaluator for the CaMSP initiative and is also coordinating local evaluation activities for Cohort 10 and Cohort 11 STEM projects.

Evaluation News for March:

We enjoyed connecting with Cohort 10 partnerships and meeting all the new Cohort 11 partnerships at the Learning Network in Sacramento. We are really looking forward to getting these new local evaluations underway. If needed for a reference, please view the Powerpoints from the Cohort 11 Orientation and the Evaluation Findings. In terms of what's coming up:

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South Kern Math Partnership

A external linkYouTube video of a dog circling around a pool may seem like an unusual way to open a summer institute. However, at the South Kern Math Partnership (SKMP) project, it was a perfect introduction to developing mathematical intuition. California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) Professor Tony Alteparmakian, asks, "What is the mathematics in the video? How long is it around the pool? What are other questions you have that could be generated from this scenario?" This is the first step of a seven step Math Anchor Tasks template developed by the Kern High School District (listed at the end of this article), which is at the heart of the project.

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Orange County Department of Education - SYSTEMS

Imagine that in a biome the dominant animal has mysteriously vanished. As a zoologist how would you create and design a new animal to replace it? This is just one of the many engaging Project Based Learning (PBL) units created by teachers in the Stem-Izing Youth Scholars Through Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (SYSTEMS) project. The project spans grades 3 – 8 and is designed to address a need to connect elementary and middle schools in STEM education. The project is a partnership between Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), University of California, Irvine Schools of Education, Biological, and Physical Sciences, and seven local school districts. More detailed information can be found on their Profile page.

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Common-Core Math Standards Put New Focus on English Learners

California has just released the new ELA/ELD framework outlining standards and skills necessary for all students to be successful in school. The new framework includes making a language rich classroom throughout all curriculum, including mathematics. This external linkarticle details opportunities for expression, scaffolding support, and making language visible.

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California STEM Summit 2015

This year's external linkSummit will bring together 400 leaders from PK-12 education, higher education, business and industry, government, and informal education to develop an action plan to increase quality, equity and innovation in STEM education throughout California.

CA STEM Learning Network

Going Deep: STEM in the Connected Classroom

STEM is not a separate subject to teach in addition to core. It is meant to be incorporated throughout the day and used with science and mathematics. How does STEM education differ from the traditional classroom? This external linkarticle delves into STEM unit outlines and examines how educators use "connected classroom" strategies.

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